Where Are The Villains Now (2 stars)

This article is from 2015

Where Are The Villains Now

BBC protest falls flat, despite dazzling musicianship

'Protesting the BBC,' as this solo music and polemic piece from 25 year old David Robinson purports to do, is an entirely understandable mission for a Fringe show to have, given the firestorm of discussion about the corporation in the current political climate. Yet with hindsight, a piece with such intentions which doesn’t mention any one of the hot button issues which are often raised feels somewhat out of touch. The words 'Jimmy Savile' and 'political bias' don’t appear once in the piece, and the forthcoming governmental reviews of the BBC's operations is barely brushed over.

Instead, with an intensity bordering on parody, Robinson is outraged that there are too many repeats on. And that News 24 is on the main channels all night when, er, there could be repeats on. In fairness he makes genuine points – that television is a lifeline for the housebound and that skilled jobs are being cut – but it all seems like window dressing for his own music, which is tenuously connected to the subject. There’s the rub; his Leadbelly-influenced blues and slide guitar playing is really dazzling, with his harmonica and voice providing solidly convincing accompaniments, but what lies in between has the air of a man calling in to 5 Live for a rant.

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Where Are the Villains Now

  • 2 stars

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