Goose: Kablamo (3 stars)

This article is from 2015

Goose: Kablamo

The ‘ginger Tigger’ delivers another sweat-inducing one-man cartoon

Adam Drake’s not joking when he describes his show as ‘a sweaty one-man cartoon’. The perspiration flies off him like some kind of crazed garden sprinkler as he spins and spasms through this hyper caper of James Bond parody and machine-gun fire puns. Like a coked-up Carrot Top (or as he puts it, ‘a ginger Tigger’), he races through a plot that begins in the cockpit of an airplane with a champagne-filled Jacuzzi, and ends up, well … it’s all a bit of a blur really. But there’s definitely a German Nazi, a flirty love interest called Ladyparts McFallopian, a cameo from Russell Crowe and another from Keira Knightley, in the form of a smoke ring.

Drake’s responsible for animating them all, bounding about a few square metres to tell his tale, punctuated with music from a two-man backing band, and interludes from his version of Encarta 95 to explain the finer points of alcohol, drugs and porn.

Clearly just too manic and / or daft for some baffled faces in the crowd, his student-friendly material goes down well with the rest. His Irish-dancing poet is a highlight, and if you’ve not expired from madcap overload, Drake even chucks in deleted scenes and bloopers at the end.

Assembly George Square Theatre, 623 3030, until 30 Aug, 3.20pm, £9–£10 (£8–£9).

Goose: Kablamo

  • 3 stars

So Comedy by arrangement with Troika Sweaty one-man cartoon. Breakneck poly-character comedy from an MDMA marionette. You won't know what's hit you but you'll like it. 'Original, ambitious edifice' ★★★★ ( 'Had audiences in stitches' ★★★★★ (Stage). 'Theatrical mastery and comic innovation' ★★★★ (Fest).