Mr Tiger Goes Wild (3 stars)

This article is from 2015

Mr Tiger Goes Wild

Jolly tale of friendship told through slapstick and a rock band

'In the city we always follow the rules,' declares Mr Deer proudly. He’s a scrupulously well turned-out gent in a morning suit and top hat, adorned with antlers and fluffy tail.

It’s clear he likes things done properly, and he expects the same of his best friend Mr Tiger. But Mr Tiger’s wild, and he likes nothing more than to leave the city, drum on the scenery, scoff the cake he’s been told to leave alone, and get out of the monkey suit and into his tiger onesie for some growling practice.

This fun and cheerful two-hander from Goblin theatre, adapted from the internationally acclaimed children’s book of the same name, is delightfully well thought-out, with likeable performances from the leads. Silly slapstick, jolly songs, and a message about not forgetting your friends despite their differences and inability to always do what you want, are delivered in a manner perhaps best suited to smaller kids.

It’s a nice show, perhaps not entirely bearing the force of personality such a concept deserves, but the characters are cute and the set – which breaks in two to reveal Mr Tiger's rock band stage – is an excellent piece of design work.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550 until 31 Aug, 11.10am, £8–£10 (£7–£9).

Mr Tiger Goes Wild

  • 3 stars

Goblin Mr Tiger was perfectly fine in the city – until he had a wonderfully wild idea! A show for ages 3+ that's a bit rock'n'roll, adapted from the book by Peter Brown. Join Mr Tiger on an adventure into the wilderness featuring original live music, hilarious characters and lots of imagination that will have children…