Eejits and Hissy Fits (3 stars)

This article is from 2015

Eejits and Hissy Fits

Fiona Herbert tells cheeky fairy stories, with a strong Scottish lilt

'Do you know what an eejit is?' asks Fiona Herbert, an air of gentle welcome in her voice. 'Do you know of any eejits?' All the kids with a bit of local slang knowledge giggle and point at their parents, and Herbert has gained their confidence. A storyteller by trade, she holds the attention of young and old alike with a trio of fantastical and slightly cheeky fairy stories, delivered from her chair with a buzzing Scottish accent.

She tells the famous story of Finn MacCool, a giant (or an eejit, as she calls them) who once walked these lands, and his fear of the only giant in the land bigger than he is. His wife Oona is the hero of this tale, Finn disguising himself as a baby while she sets bold and clever traps for the giant.

The next eejit up is princess Muriel, a selfish and spoiled brat until she’s captured by the evil witch Washadish and made to get her hands dirty cleaning a pile of dishes, calling on those she’s wronged at the end to help her in a gentle moral lesson. Finally, and possibly the weakest of the three stories, is a re-telling of The Princess and the Pea, but there's a certain hint of disdain in there for the normal gender dynamic of fairy tales which is suitably pleasing.

Scottish Storytelling Centre, 556 9579, until 23 Aug (not 17), 11.15am, £6.50 (£4.50).

Eejits and Hissy Fits

  • 3 stars

Fiona Herbert Storyteller Fiona Herbert (winner, Tall Tales 2012 and 2015) takes you on three adventures, encountering eejits and hissy fits along the way. In The Wee B and the Pea a prince meets a polite and resourceful young woman who can cope with peas under the mattress. In an old Celtic tale of two giants a clever…