Colors (4 stars)

This article is from 2015


Imaginative show brings the art of painting alive

'Do you want to see a miracle?' asks the painterly man at the easel. What a lovely way to describe the concept of art to children, and to further elaborate on it with a wonderfully designed show which anthropomorphises the blots of paint on that easel in inventively dramatic form. The curtain pulls back and the easel is there, scaled to such a large size that women wearing sheer, sequinned bodysuits in each of the colours represented can dance in waist deep pots of paint, teasing each other about which of them is the best and most important.

The moral of the story being, of course, that it takes all sorts to create the rainbow of colours and personalities we see around us. The text of Theatre Kurage’s piece is quite wordy and perhaps best for older kids, but all ages appear suitably enthralled by some great, colour-themed song and dance sequences which make the cast appear even larger than it is. Green frogs and leaves leap around, yellow sunbeams lead a simple singalong and blue waves wash delicately under billowing fabric. These, and the animated painting sequence at the end, are a visual feast which keep attentions rapt for the whole hour.

Spotlites, 220 5911, until Sat 22 Aug (not 17), 4.05pm, £6 (£4).


  • 4 stars

Theatre Kurage In the studio of a painter, miraculously the colors revive, and he, together with kids, is going to create a picture using live colors. Everything goes smoothly until the colors start arguing which one is the best among them. What color will the kids choose? And what is the painter decision? You’ll find out…