Bruit de Couloir (4 stars)

This article is from 2015

Bruit de Couloir

Juggling and dance combine in this eloquent meditation on life

It’s not unusual to find dancers and circus performers drawing on their skills to tackle disturbing issues. But in Bruit de Couloir – ‘rumour’ in English – Clément Dazin doesn’t just utilise juggling to add colour to his piece, he makes it the essential heartbeat.

This bears out in ways more literal than you might expect. In Dazin’s response to the trauma of a near death experience, the neat white juggling balls take on a rhythm that brings to mind the beeps of a heart monitor; tiny repetitions, at first reassuring and cyclical, then later fragile enough to break into erratic patterns that come shattering to a halt.

Dazin also plays with time, slowing down the motion of the balls until at one point he is passing them at underwater speed around his body, or allowing them to orbit him as he moves across the floor.

But it’s in the piece’s final moments – a catharsis so simple it is luminous – that Bruit de Couloir shows its true eloquence. Precise and sincere, Dazin has created a moving and quietly original meditation on the elusive thing that keeps us all in motion.

Institut français d'Ecosse, 225 5366, until 23 Aug (not 13, 17, 20), 3pm, £10 (£8).

Bruit de Couloir

  • 4 stars

Crying Out Loud presents Clément Dazin Clément Dazin’s Bruit de Couloir is a mesmerising solo, and a deep and intimate homage to life. At its heart lies a unique choreographic style which links contemporary dance, hip hop and an engaging method of juggling in which balls are both manipulated objects and movement…