Rob Beckett: Mouth of the South (3 stars)

This article is from 2015

Rob Beckett: Mouth of the South

Guaranteed populist fun from a dependable telly comic

Rob Beckett is living proof of the Fringe’s power. A few years ago he was doing a free show in a pub basement and now he's a TV regular selling out the Pleasance Dome. There are tons of good, reliable comedians on the circuit who regularly fill the panel on Mock the Week and do a solid 20 minutes on Live at the Apollo. That's not a criticism, there's nothing worse than being snobby about the mainstream. What's wrong with being popular? Or populist?

Beckett is a guaranteed banker. Even with a liberal smattering of cuss words, you could happily take your mum or little brother and they'd both come out smiling. Beckett even acknowledges he's not right-on or edgy and happily admits to loving big brands and staying on the beaten path. Dependable and consistently amusing, he offers no crescendos, big revelations or intricately plotted pays-offs.
Instead, Beckett deals in cheeky-chappy observational comedy including five minutes on Kit Kats and a routine about spending Christmas with the in-laws. Proving how much of a nice guy he is, there’s even an apology offered after gently ribbing an audience member. Rob Beckett is very good at easily digestible crowd-pleasing gags and if that's your bag, you'll have a ball.

Pleasance Dome, 556 6550, until 30 Aug (not 17), 8pm, £10–£13 (£8.50–£12).

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