We This Way (4 stars)

This article is from 2015

We This Way

Searching and horribly addictive adventure game, live on stage

Do you help the old man with his suitcase, or stay on the train? Do you follow the minotaur or turn back to discover what’s following you through his labyrinth? Do you ride the dodgems, go diving in the wetsuit, climb the lighthouse or have a go at acting on stage?

Taking its cue directly from text-based computer adventure games of the 1980s and 90s, Seth Kriebel’s compelling game-cum-show manages to be both elegantly simple and searchingly profound. Sitting at a desk with a microphone, lighting controls and a couple of anglepoise lamps, Kriebel narrates you through an ever-changing journey, allowing you to choose your route at key moments by holding up one of two coloured glowsticks. Democracy rules, and whichever option gets the most audience votes is the one that’s pursued – well, most of the time. Beware those moments when Kriebel unexpectedly makes your decision for you, or restricts the choices to a select few.

Dealing with questions of democracy, group dynamics, memory, choice and even courage, Kriebel’s creation is also just really good fun as you attempt to remember how exactly to get hold of that elusive treasure map, for example. And if it all goes wrong, of course, there’s always the chance to start all over again – unless Kriebel decides otherwise. It’s simple but spellbinding – and horribly addictive.

Summerhall, 560 1581, until 30 Aug (not 18, 25), 12.25pm, £8–£10.

We This Way

  • 4 stars

Seth Kriebel Choose your own path through an imagined world… or perhaps your neighbour will choose for you. Without leaving your seat, you – or most of you, anyway – can go wherever you want. If not, don’t worry. Life is full of second chances. Explore a new interactive performance from the creator of The Unbuilt Room.