Scott Redmond: Jokes About Things (3 stars)

This article is from 2015

Scott Redmond: Jokes About Things

Gleeful playfulness and sharp intellect result in a pleasing late-night show

At 18, Scott Redmond is something of a precocious talent, having already clocked up a couple of years on the circuit, clearly packing a lot into those 24 months. He's run into scrapes and a near kidnapping, as well as experiencing personal losses including a dog, grandfather and girlfriends. Not to mention getting thrown out of the Scottish youth parliament having insulted Alex Salmond (or so he claims).

Redmond combines a teen's sense of fun with a well-tapped vein of intellect infused by a worldly wisdom way beyond his years, and it makes for an intriguing combination. Performing a mixture of pun-filled one-liners and poetry, there's a neat absurdity and touch of anarchy to his material as well as a gleeful playfulness; his love of and skill with the English language is clear to see.

Considerable thought has gone into his presentation, with a guitarist on stage providing musical accompaniment to his poems and the occasional refrain in Flight of the Conchords style. Lines are delivered with a knowing affectation and often self-consciously commented upon. Though it could do with tightening in places, Jokes About Things definitely sets Scott Redmond up as one to watch.

Laughing Horse @ Moriarty's, 228 5558, until 30 Aug, 10.30pm, free.

Jokes About Things (Redinburgh Fringe)

  • 3 stars

Scott 'The Redman' Redmond / Laughing Horse Free Fringe Scott Redmond had a fun 2014; kidnapped, arrested, threatened at gun and knife point, disowned, broken up and dealing with bereavement. Then he turned 18. Come see him desperately try to make this funny through the use of poetry and stand-up comedy. It'll be funny…