10 unusual Fringe experiences for 2015

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  • 31 July 2015

This article is from 2015

10 unusual Fringe experiences for 2015

Adam Riches is Coach Coach / Photo: Idil Sukan

From a game of Volfsball to an absurdist cookery class

Bored of the same old shows at the Fringe, year in year out? If you’re looking for adventure and quirkiness in 2015, then look no further than this top 10 to sharpen your life skills, whet your palette, fire your imagination and strengthen your calf muscles (which will already be girder-like from the daily walk up and down the Mound and the Royal Mile)….

1. Try your hand at a new sport, Volfsball
Fosters Edinburgh Comedy Award winner Adam Riches loves sports movies and this is his first Fringe show with an 10 strong cast (featuring a variety of guest comedians). He’ll invite audiences to try out Volfsball (invented by Marek Larwood) in his show Coach Coach. It’s part netball, part rollerball and part pure awesome, dontcha know. GO Centaurs!
Adam Riches is Coach Coach, Pleasance, 5–30 August, 9.45pm

2. Indulge in a wee dram before midday
Drawing on a rich Scottish tradition of morning booze – no, of Scottish myth and folktales, Dundee-born artist Sarah Cameron invites audiences to enjoy a ‘toaty’ tipple as she tells the tale of a man who cannot stop eating, the woman doomed to cook his meals, and their one ‘inveesible child’.
The Red Chair, Summerhall, 24–30 August, 10am

3. Be naughty at an outrageous gameshow
Part game show, variety show, and disco… bring your mobile, win prizes. Warning: it might get very very interactive.
Miss Behave’s Renegade Gameshow, Assembly Checkpoint, 6–29 August, 10.15pm

4. Choose your adventure at a show in the dark… with glowsticks
Cast your vote. Choose your path. Where do we head next? Who will we meet along the way? It’s the theatrical Legend of Zelda (not quite, but it is influenced by gaming). Arm yourself with a glowstick for voting (always handy for clubbing later, anyway) and off you go.
We This Way, Summerhall, 5–30 Aug (not Tuesdays), 12.25pm

5. Go to an absurdist theatre company’s cookery class
Clout Theatre company are influenced by everyone from animator Jan Svankmajer to film director Peter Greenaway. Not only are they bringing their grotesquely humorous performance FEAST to the Fringe, they’re also running a special cookery class – more details at clout-theatre.com.
FEAST, ZOO Sanctuary, 5–31 August (not 21), 3.55pm

6. Learn how to do CPR… at a live theatre demo
Scarily, we’re entering the world of the real-life Flatliners. Medical professionals are predicting that soon we’ll be resuscitating patients many hours or even days after their heart stops beating, which raises several ethical questions. Jon Spooner and Chris Thorpe explore these in Am I Dead Yet? and teach you how to save a life to boot.
Am I Dead Yet?, Traverse Theatre, 18 – 30 August (not 24), 11.15pm

7. Eat soup and welshcakes while listening to Tom Jones classics
Jo-Jo Bellini whips leeks and broccoli up into supper, with Welsh cakes for dessert. The menu is accompanied by Jo-Jo’s impressive lungs belting classics from the valleys. Yum!
Jo-Jo Bellini:This and That – A Late Night Tasty Delight, The Stand, 5-16 Aug (not 6), 10.40pm.

8. Learn EVERYTHING about porridge
Yes, we know, you’ve always fancied being a porridge expert and now you can. Learn how it’s made and the evolution of what is now the dish that starts the day for all real Scots. The ticket price includes a tutored tasting of three different types of porridge and a hot drink. Get in.
A History of Porridge, Victor and Carina Contini Royal Mile Café, 7 – 31 August, 9am

9. Solve the murder of Judge Mental (yes, Mental)
Join the Secret Society of Scottish Scoundrels and investigate the shocking murder of Judge Mental in Edinburgh Dungeon. As you move through the dungeon the story unfolds around you. Keep your wits about you as you encounter famous characters from Scotland’s past.
Deadly Dungeon Murder Mystery, Edinburgh Dungeon, 7, 12, 14, 19, 21, 26, 28 Aug, 7.45pm

10. Enjoy your own circus show
Elle Dubois’s Ringside is a one-on-one aerial performance made for your eyes only. You can hear her breathing, watch every muscle twitch, see the bruises as her body performs revolt not acceptance. Lots of sweat, no sequins.
Ringside, Summerhall, 5 – 29 August, 10 minute experience.

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