Fringe preview: Le Gateau Chocolat: Black

This article is from 2015

Fringe preview: Le Gateau Chocolat: Black

Photo: Mark Vessey

Le Gateau Chocolat’s most intimate piece to date is inspired by his battle with depression

In recent years, Le Gateau Chocolat has become somewhat of a household name among more seasoned Fringe goers. In 2015, however, even his biggest fans are in for a whole new kind of show as the cabaret legend bares all in Black.

Inspired by his struggle with depression, Black is Gateau’s most intimate piece to date; an epitaph to close friends whom he has lost to the condition. ‘With this show I intended to explore Black as a state of mind,’ he explains, ‘the memes of Black: black sheep, black and blue, black dog, black music … ’. As with most of his work, the show is autobiographic in nature, but aims to engage with the idea that, in his words, ‘regardless of sexuality, colour, background, we’ve all been black at some point.’

Set to the soundtrack of Wagner, Gershwin, Nina Simone and Purcell, with some Whitney Houston thrown in for good measure, the singer and drag artist describes the new work as bittersweet, like dark chocolate. Expect the same larger-than-life, booming vocals, electric personality and killer costumes but, with Black, Gateau ultimately hopes to leave his audiences with, ‘a deeper understanding of depression and the lessening of our obvious differences.’

Assembly Hall, 623 3030, 8-30 Aug (not 17), 4.50pm, £11-£12 (£10-£11). Previews 6 & 7 Aug, £8.

Le Gateau Chocolat will also perform at A Gala for Mental Health, Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, Sun 16 Aug, 10.15pm, £10.

Le Gateau Chocolat: Black

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Assembly Festival, Soho Theatre and nitroBEAT Le Gateau Chocolat has a story to tell… Featuring a repertoire ranging from Wagner to Whitney Houston, Black is an intimate and confessional portrait of Nigerian singer Le Gateau Chocolat's life; his hopes, his fears and his battle with depression. The cabaret legend has…