Fringe preview: Discoteque Machine

This article is from 2015

Fringe preview: Discoteque Machine

Italian company gets everyone up on their feet

If watching dance shows at the Fringe brings out an urge to get up and move, then add Discoteque Machine to your ticket list. The show has a soundtrack of 50 tunes, including hip hop, electronic, classical and funk – and just one rule: never stop dancing.

Part performance, part immersive experience, Discoteque Machine hails from Milan, where co-creators Alice Mangione and Gianmarco Pozzoli invented characters called ‘Morphs’, who invite us to dance.

‘We can’t bear to see people who don't have the courage to enjoy themselves,’ says Mangione, ‘and that’s the reason we created Discoteque Machine. The Morphs’ mission is to bring joy and freedom to people cursed by shyness, to let them dance and laugh for an entire hour.’

The Morphs are talented dancers who can immediately reproduce any gestures or movements audience members carry out, leading to much hilarity. And for anyone questioning whether joining in is for them, experience has shown that resistance is futile.

‘We’ve created Discoteque Machine in a way to make it impossible for the audience to resist,’ says Mangione. ‘The audience can’t fight the music and just can’t help joining in. We look forward to getting everybody up dancing.’

Zoo Southside, 662 6892, 9–31 Aug, 9.45pm, £12 (£10). Previews 7 & 8 Aug, £9.

Discoteque Machine

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