Five Things to see at The Hub Sessions

This article is from 2015

Five Things to see at The Hub Sessions

Bryce Dessner co-composed Wave Movements / credit: Shervin Lainez

Featuring Anna Calvi, King Creosote and Chilly Gonzales

Seeing as it's the first year of Edinburgh International Festival's Russian Standard Vodka Hub Sessions, we decided to round-up the must-see acts of 2015.

Chilly Gonzales feat. Kaiser Quartett
He's done alt.rock as a member of Son, produced albums for Peaches and Feist and is part of Berlin hip hoppers Puppetmastaz. Here, Gonzales turns his considerable multi-talent to reimagining classical music in accessible and exciting ways, bringing in elements of rap and pop, in a new project with Kaiser Quartett, Chambers.
8 & 9 Aug, 9.30pm, £25

From Scotland with Love: King Creosote
Footage from the Scottish Screen Archive showing the country in its retro, tweet, raw glory – Virginia Heath's documentary takes in love, loss, resistance, migration, work and play, with a soundtrack from Kenny Anderson, aka eclectic indie folk troubadour King Creosote.
14 & 15 Aug, 10.30pm & 9.30pm respectively, £25

Anna Calvi and Heritage Orchestra
Dark and romantic alt.rock is Anna Calvi's forte, but teamed with Heritage Orchestra, known for being just as innovative and eclectic as Calvi herself, there's a different aural aesthetic. The classical leanings of Heritage Orchestra mixed with Calvi's theatricalities creates an orchestral version of her recent hits.
18–20 Aug, 10.30pm, £25

Alexi Murdoch
The Scottish singer-songwriter is a bit enigmatic, having taken up residence among the hip folks of Berlin to trail his musical blaze. Luckily, he's coming back to show off his multi-talented multi-instrumentalism (as seen on the soundtrack to Sam Mendes' Away We Go, doncha know?).
27 Aug, 9.30pm, £25

Wave Movements
Arcade Fire's Richard Reed Parry and The National's Bryce Dessner get together with The Scottish Chamber Orchestra for Wave Movements, work composed directly to the rhythms of real waves complements Hiroshi Sugimoto's film comprising a series of 1980s seascape photos.
28 Aug, 9.15pm, £25

The Hub Sessions, The Hub, 473 2000, throughout Aug.

King Creosote

Eclectic indie folk musician, plaintive troubadour and founder of the esteemed Fence Records.

Alexi Murdoch and This is the Kit

London-born singer/songwriter who was raised in Scotland but now lives in Berlin.

Chambers | Chilly Gonzales

All-round piano virtuoso and entertainer Gonzales teams up with the Kaiser Quartett to present his hotly anticipated new project Chambers performing material inspired by Bach to Daft Punk and much in between. Gonzo re-imagines chamber music as if it were today’s pop, with his array of rap, classical, ambient and more.…

Anna Calvi and Heritage Orchestra

  • 4 stars

Critically acclaimed star Anna Calvi gives a special concert with the innovative and eclectic Heritage Orchestra, conducted by Jules Buckley. Famed for her operatic song, virtuoso guitar playing and theatrical stage presence, in this concert Calvi’s distinctive songs sound quite different. New orchestral versions of…

Wave Movements

Composers Richard Reed Parry and Bryce Dessner, also members of rock bands Arcade Fire and The National respectively, take as inspiration the different wave cycles of the world’s oceans in a work for string orchestra and film. The music, composed directly to the actual rhythms of waves, is performed live by the Scottish…