Top tips for using Tinder at the Edinburgh Fringe

This article is from 2015

Top tips for using Tinder at the Edinburgh Fringe

Look at all the potential swipers

How to know when it's wrong to swipe right at the festival

There are not enough emojis on this planet to accurately illustrate the emotional minefield that is Tinder. The basic principle is simple: look at somebody's profile, if you like them, swipe right, and if they like you, you're put in touch. But what happens when that special app-matched someone sends you a picture you just weren't ready to see? What if the conversation turns blue and you start to see red? What if they inadvertently reveal they see the true lyricism in One Direction's music?

Truly, there's a lot to consider. That's why we've come up with our top five tips for using Tinder at this year's Fringe – where there are plenty of fish in an extremely busy sea.

Check: costume, or clothing?
If you happen to come across a picture of someone dressed in an alarming outfit, which, let's be honest, can be anything from a 'sexy clown outfit' to a t-shirt featuring an 'ironic catchphrase' such as 'GEEK', don't swipe left straight away: it could simply be a costume from their Fringe show. You would hope, anyway.

Do your research
Not in a weird way, but do. Tinder provides an Instagram link, so just do an extra check to make sure they are who they say you are before you go meetin' up. If they use #nofilter too much, something's amiss.

If you choose to meet, do so in public
This shouldn't be too hard, since basically every bar, venue and beer garden in Edinburgh is occupied by at least 3,000 people in August. It's always best to meet in a place with plenty of other people around, just in case your Tinder match turns out to be naff, creepy or otherwise.

Ask them what shows they've enjoyed seeing
You can learn a lot about someone based on whether they think Spank is educational or funny. If you have matching tastes (ie, you can both see the lighter side of Late Night Gimp Fight), why not see a show together?

Be clear: do they 'live here' live here, or live here for August?
Depending on whether or not you ever want to see them again, this is an essential fact to get right. Clarify, people.