Hanne Darboven: Accepting Anything Among Everything

This article is from 2015

Hanne Darboven: Accepting Anything Among Everything

Credit: © Hermann Dornhege. Courtesy Hanne Darboven Stiftung, Hamburg/ VG-Bildkunst.

Seminal exhibition by preeminent conceptual artist opens at Talbot Rice Gallery

'Accepting anything among everything' is a quote from Hanne Darboven that elucidates the concerns of the artist who pinned down the chaos of the world with seemingly simple, often mathematical, systems. One of the most influential conceptual artists of the 20th century, Darboven has rarely been exhibited in the UK.

Talbot Rice Gallery’s curator Pat Fisher has waited a long time to bring the first exhibition of Darboven’s work in Scotland to fruition. 'I have been pursuing an exhibition of Darboven for many years. In the artist's lifetime it was difficult to make contact owing to the reclusive nature of the artist and after her death in 2009 complex issues around the estate had to be worked out, hence it has taken until 2015 to realise the project.'

Fisher mentions a number of factors that has motivated her to pursue the realisation of this major exhibition despite the apparent difficulties: 'The seriousness of the artist's work, its aim to encompass knowledge, to be encyclopedic in its ambition, to chart time and world history is highly apt for the University of Edinburgh in this Enlightenment city. In art historical terms Darboven is rather overshadowed by many other artists of her generation within the genre of conceptual art, these include Kosuth, Le Witt and Weiner – all of whom were her friends in New York in the 1960s.' This major retrospective looks set to highlight Darboven's significant contribution to the movement

The exhibition is accompanied by a Curator's Talk on Friday 31 Jul.

Hanne Darboven: Accepting Anything Among Everything

This is the first Scottish exhibition of the late German artist and composer whose work, consisting mostly of intricate tables of numbers and dates, is now regarded as some of the most important conceptual art of the 20th century. The collection explores the way she continually challenged how art should be made.

Curator's Talk: und und und

Nicole Krapat and Florentine Gallwas from the Hanne Darboven Foundation, Hamburg, join Pat Fisher and James Clegg from Talbot Rice Gallery for a talk about Darboven's work.