Fringe preview: Alien Lullabies – Songs from a Decaying Future

This article is from 2015

Fringe preview: Alien Lullabies – Songs from a Decaying Future

Fiona Soe Paing’s latest eerie work embraces experimental performance art

Part of the Made in Scotland showcase, Alien Lullabies presents the dreamlike, unsettling sounds of Aberdeenshire-based electronica artist Fiona Soe Paing. Stitching together heavy beats, disorientating sounds and disembodied vocals, her songs create a uniquely eerie atmosphere, partly due to their disregard for lyrical immediacy. ‘Only a few my songs have actual words,’ she explains. ‘Sometimes I sing random words from a Burmese phrasebook. Sometimes I write real lyrics but that’s the part I find most difficult.’

Originally engaged in what she describes as ‘horrendous Fame Academy-style training’, Soe Paing escaped into the open arms of performance art and free improvisation. ‘I broke away to do more experimental and non-mainstream stuff, and discovered that I really loved singing. I started writing my own material, and from there got into electronic production.’

Her live shows are taken to another level by Zennor Alexander’s fantastical, dystopian, at times disturbing films. ‘The music and visuals are perfectly matched,’ she says. ‘My music sparks off visual imagery for Zennor, which he turns into animation. Although each can exist as a separate entity, the overall show is definitely more than the sum of its parts. It’s a surreal and immersive experience that really takes you off somewhere else. People say that it’s quite mesmerising – and also a little creepy.’

Summerhall, 560 1581, 12–23 Aug, (not 17 &18), 10.35pm, £10 (£6).

Alien Lullabies: Songs from a Decaying Future

A collaboration between Fiona Soe Paing and Zennor Alexander to create out-of-this-world music and visuals.