Fringe preview: Kitten Killers – Woof

This article is from 2015

Fringe preview: Kitten Killers – Woof

Credit: Joe Woodruff

A sweet and innocent demeanour hides three dark hearts

Comedy trio Kitten Killers were formed in 2013 at a Soho Young Company sketch workshop. Originally a foursome, the Kittens are Kat Cade, Perdita Stott and Fran Bushe, with Late Night Gimp Fight’s Lee Griffiths directing. Cade explains their alliterative title: ‘Often when we performed, people assumed from our silly, childish demeanour that we’d be quite sweet. And then we’d do really dark material. Anything Perdita writes usually ends in a gunshot. It’s the juxtaposition of naughty and nice.’

For Woof, their second Fringe foray, the Kittens have worked hard on refining their format. ‘The basis is that we’re just having a really great time,’ explains Cade. ‘We’re taking the audience into our world a bit more. Last year, we were sketch, sketch, sketch without much structure. So we’re trying to add a bit more structure in.’

Looking back on last year, Cade says the trio had a great experience, although some audience members were hoodwinked by their beguiling charm. ‘We did 2.45 in the afternoon and I think some of our material was a shock for some people! But we got really great reactions. Obviously it’s tough doing your first full run but we got through it.’

Underbelly George Square, 0844 545 8252, 8–31 Aug (not 19), 4.10pm, £8–£9 (£7–£8). Previews 5–7 Aug, £6

Kitten Killers: Woof

Kitten Killers The Foster's Golden Jesters Award finalists, Laughing Horse New Act of the Year 2014 semi-finalists, and Brighton Fringe Best Comedy Show nominees are back with their hotly anticipated second show. Expect delightfully awkward characters, endearingly grotesque sketches and memorable songs you'll be singing…