The best non-Fringe events in Edinburgh this August

This article is from 2015

What to do in Edinburgh when you’re not at the Fringe Festival

Photography: A Victorian Sensation / Credit: ©Howarth-Loomes Collection at National Museums Scot

It's not all flyers and fireworks. Here are some things to do that will give you some non-fest peace

August in Edinburgh, eh? Mental. While we love the Festival Fringe and the variety of new acts and cultures it brings to the city, we understand (we really do) that sometimes it all gets a bit much. If you really don’t want to go and see that show about the man who did the thing and it changed his life, here are some alternative, non-Fringe events taking place in the capital.

Photography: A Victorian Sensation
The Victorians were really, really into photography. We can hardly blame them (selfie sticks, anyone?), but the whole memento mori thing is a wee bit creepy these days. This exhibition tracks their obsession with the artform, from the beginnings in the early 1800s, when it was an elitist hobby few could afford, right up until the present day. Along the way, there are plenty of notable snaps to take a look at, including an image of Alfred, Lord Tennyson from 1869.
National Museum of Scotland, until Sun 22 Nov.

Where’s Jack?
Sticking with the Victorian theme if we may, Where’s Jack? is a day out for the less faint-hearted among you. Jack the Ripper is loose in Edinburgh (probably) and you can hunt him down at Edinburgh Dungeon. Follow the clues handily left lying and chat to the Newspaper Boy, then see if you can figure out where the ripper has got to.
Edinburgh Dungeon, until Mon 31 Aug.

Edinburgh Outlander Experience
You’re as obsessed with Outlander as the next person, we know. There’s no shame when it comes to Sam Heughan. To fully create the Outlander experience in your head, you need to check out the locations from the novel, as visited by Claire and Jamie. Along the way, you’ll hear all about the Jacobites, the Stuarts, witches and clans, and learn how the story is interwoven with Scotland’s history.
Mercat Cross, until Sat 31 Oct.

The Edinburgh Outlander Experience

Visit locations from Diana Gabaldon's Outlander novels as visited by characters Claire and Jamie. Hear stories of the Jacobites, the Stuarts, witchcraft, clans and how the fictional story intermingles with history.

Photography: A Victorian Sensation

Learn all about the Victorian craze for photography.

Where's Jack

Spine-chilling fun in The Edinburgh Dungeon's new show Where's Jack. Jack the Ripper has escaped London – could he be prowling the streets of Edinburgh?