Fringe preview: Steve Hall – Zebra

This article is from 2015

Fringe preview: Steve Hall – Zebra

The We Are Klang man tells of the weird time he met the Muppets

‘My mother had this catchphrase when we were growing up,’ Steve Hall is explaining. ‘She’d always say, "if you hear hooves, expect horses not zebras". It was fairly baffling, but I think it’s about not worrying or expecting the worst.’

Hall’s Fringe show, Zebra, is a tribute to his mum’s philosophy, invaluable during trying times. ‘With the country in a real quandary after a horrible UK election result and when artists and comedians might be finding things very difficult, bizarrely, I’ve written my most upbeat show yet.’

Also one third of the sketch trio We Are Klang, a writer on Russell Howard’s Good News, and an occasional stand-in on Frank Skinner’s radio show, this is Hall’s third Edinburgh solo show. ‘I’ve become a dad since my last Fringe, but I’ve not written a “new dad” show. It’s about life not turning out as you’d hoped, but in a joyful way.’

Listen out for Hall’s story about visiting the Muppets on set, a magical childhood memory that led to an accidentally horrific souvenir painting. ‘When I do the reveal on that disastrous portrait, the audience laughter sometimes lasts about 70 seconds before I can start speaking again.’

The Stand 6, 558 7272, 7–30 Aug (not 17), 6.35pm, £8 (£7). Preview 6 Aug, £5

Steve Hall: Zebra

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Steve Hall 'Hilarious … a wonderful set of stand-up vignettes’ (Guardian). ‘His phrasing is joyous and choice of words close to poetic … tales of hilarious woe’ (Metro). ‘A lovely, friendly, thoroughly entertaining show’ ( The best-educated third of beloved Fringe losers We Are Klang, and one of the main…