Fringe preview: Beard – The Grin of Love

This article is from 2015

Fringe comedy preview: Beard – The Grin of Love ‘A dog barked at us and Rosa thought it said “Beard”’

Sketchy duo Beard are one of the best kept secrets in comedy-town

A mix of ‘sketch, clown, theatre and nightmare’ is the ominous sounding description of Beard’s new Fringe hour. Matilda Wnek and Rosa Robson’s 2012 debut proved how talented and innovative this pair resolutely are (a clear highlight for this reviewer of that year’s August comedy was Wnek transforming herself into a grandfather clock) and they’re now giving us The Grin of Love.

Via email, asking a question such as ‘what does "the grin of love" mean?’ is patently dangerous territory, given that this was the opening section of a lengthy response from Wnek. ‘As children, we are told: here are mother and father being nice to one another, exchanging gifts, adoring their furniture, their pets, their child. This is love: are we not? But on top of what we are told, like a cold hand, soon rests what we see and feel and finally know: the mother who picks us up and puts us down as she would a bit of knitting, the joyful union that parts, like a wet paper, without a sound; affection lit like a lamp, blown out by the smallest whim … ’

It continues for a bit in similar vein, ultimately disclosing very little (we think) about what to expect from them in August. Here’s a simpler one: where does the name Beard come from? ‘A dog barked at us in the street and Rosa thought it said “Beard”.’ Fair enough, but what’s the best thing about being in a double act? ‘There's always someone there to tell you if you have lipstick on your teeth.’ I can see that would be important. As for what would constitute a successful Fringe 2015 for Beard, no doubt most other acts would nod sagely in agreement: ‘the first show goes so well we have the same exact audience twenty-eight times.’

Beard: The Grin of Love, Sneaky Pete’s, 226 0000, 8–29 Aug (not 18), 1.15pm, free.

Beard: The Grin of Love

  • 3 stars

The Invisible Dot Ltd. / PBH's Free Fringe Innovative and playful, the brand new two-part sketch group Beard weave joyful, bizarre and enthralling comedy. Part romance, part nightmare, part darkly intimate experience, The Grin of Love is the latest offering from these masters of tension and surprise. ‘Completely…