Edinburgh Fringe shows with more cats than YouTube

This article is from 2015

Edinburgh Fringe shows with more cats than YouTube

There are kitties galore in Pitschi, the Kitten With Dreams / Credit: Matthew Andrews

Kittens in kids shows, cats in comedies and theatrical pussy. There’s a lot of feline at the Fringe

From the innocence of Cat in the Hat to the less virtuous Pussy, Fringe shows are mad for the moggy. We've done you a solid and rounded up some of the best of August's feline entertainment.

Kids Shows

Cat In The Hat
Based on the classic Dr Seuss book, Cat In The Hat is about a cat, in a hat, a red and white striped hat to be precise. Originally produced by the National Theatre this show is billed as an engaging first theatre experience for children aged 3+.
Pleasance Courtyard, 5–30 Aug (not 17), 11.30am, £10–£12 (£8.50–£9.50)

Hairy Maclary’s Cat Tales
You’ve heard of Hairy Maclary? From Donaldson’s Dairy? Well now felines Slinky Malinki and Scarface Claw are in on the action alongside old favourites Bottomley Potts, Muffin McLay and Schnitzel Von Krumm.
Assembly George Square Theatre, 6–31 Aug (not 17 & 24), 10.30am (10am & 11am at weekends), £10–£11 (£9)

Pitschi, the Kitten With Dreams
Theatre Fideri Fidera present the story of a Swedish kitten who would rather be any other animal than a cat, even a goat. There’s plenty of music, song, adventure and cuddly cats to keep audiences aged 2–7 enthralled.
Gilded Balloon, 5–23 Aug, (not 17), 10.15am, £7–£8.50 (£5–£6.50)


Simon Caine: Buddhism and Cats
Prior to the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe, Caine discovered there wasn’t a linking theme to his jokes. Instead of forcing one, he numbered them and told whatever joke the audience shouted out. So we can hopefully guarantee one joke about Buddhism and one joke about cats.
Just the Tonic, 7–29 Aug (not 18), 7.30pm, free

David Tsonos: Walking The Cat
The Canadian comic tells the story of his reluctant pet ownership after a bad break-up leaves him without a girlfriend but with a cat. After 16 years, he and Mittens have been through a lot together.
Just The Tonic at The Caves, 6–29 Aug (not 18), 2.45pm, free

Jamie Kilstein: Sober Song Rants and a Cat Story
The US comic and co-host of Citizen Radio, famed for his rants on current issues, does them sober and with musical accompaniment. There is also a cat story. Nothing is more current than cats.
Stand in the Square, 18–31 Aug, 8.20pm, £12


A physical theatre performance by Tight Theatre that looks what it means to be a young woman today, exploring sexuality, gender and masturbation. So it’s not really about cats.
Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, 6–19 Aug, 11.30pm, free

The Alleycats: A Capella 2.0
The a cappella group from the University of St Andrews sing their way through the technological era from the invention of the wheel to the dawn of Tinder. They’re probably tired of the Pitch Perfect references but it’s going to be a–ca–wesome a–ca–bitches.
Assembly George Square Studios, 6–31 Aug (not 12, 19 & 26), 2.50pm, £19.50–£11.50 (£8-£9)

The Illicit Thrill
Slinky blues rock band Black Cat Bone provide the soundtrack for an evening of burlesque, striptease and eroticism with house-mistress Gypsy Charms, Savannah 'best butt in the business' Duvall and the divine JC. The band's album is due out in September.
The Voodoo Rooms, 7–30 Aug (Thu–Sun only), 0.20am, (11.30pm on 30 Aug), £8