Weird Wednesdays #2: the weirdest-titled comedy shows at the Fringe

This article is from 2015

Weird Wednesdays #2: ten weirdest-titled comedy shows at the Fringe

From Paris Communal Shower to I Hat Lenny Henry, we track down shows with strange and surreal titles

On Wednesdays we scour the land to bring you the best of the weird and way-out events that are taking place under your very nose. Here are nine of the weirdest-titled comedy shows at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Picking out odd comedy shows at the Edinburgh Fringe is a thankless task. Everyone wants their show to stand out, so peculiar nomenclature is the norm. With that caveat in place, we thumbed through the Fringe brochure and selected nine shows whose titles stood out from the crowd.

GingerbeToast On
OK, this is a mash-up of two show names but it tickled us all the same. Musical comedian Steve Bennett is back with Gingerbeardy Baby, a show about being an Irish guy in a modern world, while double-act Shape of a Sandwich are making their debut with Toast On.
Laughing Horse@The Free Sisters, 6–30 Aug, 7pm.

Massive Dad 2.0: Step Up 2 Massive Dad
In 2014, the trio pretended to be an Eastern European sketch troupe on their world tour, so who knows what this year will bring.
Pleasance Dome, 5–31 Aug (not 18), 6.50pm.

Paris Communal Shower
Apparently this comedy quartet's show is like a 'cake.' Read the full bio to find out more and be convinced of their abstract weirdness.
Laughing Horse@The Free Sisters, 7–31 Aug (not Tue), 9.30pm.

I Hat Lenny Henry – 50p a Ticket
Norm Roch met Lenny Henry in February 2011 in the lobby of a popular hotel chain while the popular British comedian was wearing his bathrobe. This isn't actually true, but it has provided inspiration for a strange-sounding show.
Greenside@Infirmary Street, 17–29 Aug (not 23), 10.20am.

Supermassive Face Palm
This unadulterated improv group will bring your embarrassing blunders to life in one Supermassive Face Palm.
La Belle Angèle, 8–30 Aug (not Tue), 6.30pm.

Joy is the Enemy of Progress
Stand up Justin Panks has told us to stop trying to be happy, embrace misery, and come and enjoy an hour of brutal, unpretentious comedy.
Just the Tonic at the Caves (Salvation Rooms), 6–26 Aug (not 11, 18), 10pm.

Accident Avoidance Training for Cutlery Users – Level 1
Comedy character Ian Crawford, an adviser from the Steel and Cutlery Manufacturers Association, shares some deadly serious fork and knife related information with audiences.
Southsider, 23–29 Aug, 8.15pm.

Cambridge Footlights trio, Jamie Armitage, Tom Fairbarn and Rob Oldham, will be guiding audiences through the silly world of Bafflesmash, which you could describe as a 'multidimensional odyssey', or a sketch show.
Laughing Horse@Espionage, 5–30 Aug (not 17), 9.15pm.

Expect the Unexporcupine
An hour of award-winning nonsense from Michael Stranney and Olaf Falafel, Sweden's eighth funniest comedian.
Cowgatehead, 8–29 Aug (not 18), 2.15pm.

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