Fringe preview: Vagabond

This article is from 2015

Fringe preview: Vagabond

Triciclo Rojo's production sees a trio of clowns learn the secret of happiness

Each day, Cazzo, Lazzo and Pozzo work away, trying to repair and tidy the lighhouse they live in. Until it’s just right, they tell themselves, it won’t feel like home. As time goes by, however, the three clowns in Mexican company, Triciclo Rojo begin to realise that true happiness doesn’t lie in a nice looking paint job – but inside. Using live performance and digital animation, Vagabond tells their story, and how a dandelion helps transform their view of the world.

‘The lighthouse is a metaphor for the light each person carries inside them,’ says company director and clown, Emiliano Cárdenas. ‘The light may be turned on by one of them, but it’s always a shared journey. The dandelion produces light as a result of the love and care Pozzo has placed on it.’

A highly physical show, filled with colour, spontaneity and fun, Vagabond has very little actual speech, with Triciclo Rojo prefering to use other ways to communicate the trio’s thoughts, hopes and emotions.

‘Triciclo Rojo combines the poetic sense of clowning with contemporary dance,’ explains Cárdenas. ‘The atmosphere we create is capable of telling the vagabond’s story and transporting the audience to the heart of the message, as well as activating the imagination we all have inside - so words or language are not necessary.’

Vagabond, New Town Theatre, 8—30 Aug (not 18), 11am, £12 (£9); Previews 6—7 Aug, 11am, £7


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Triciclo Rojo Vagabond. Where will the wind take you? This is the story of three vagabonds in search of happiness and how a dandelion transforms the meaning of their lives. Cazzo, Lazzo and Pozzo spend their days fixing the old lighthouse, believing that only then will the pier be a home to them. Before the goal is…