Interview: Katia Kvinge – 140 Karakters

This article is from 2015

Interview: Katia Kvinge – 140 Karakters

‘The comedy scene would be healthier with laughter yoga, kale smoothies and dog-friendly venues’

UK-based American character comic Katia Kvinge offers Trevor Noah some excellent advice and wonders were theories come from.

How well did satire do under Obama? And would another President Clinton be good or bad for American comedy?
Key & Peele did some great Obama sketches with Keegan-Michael Key as his anger translator and another Clinton in power would be great for comedy because Kate McKinnon does a spot-on Hillary impression. I would love to see Kate McKinnon and Amy Poehler have a double Clinton sketch on Saturday Night Live!

The British are overly keen on saying that Americans don’t do irony. Can you offer a piece of evidence that blows that theory out of the water?
Theories can come from water?!

Bill Hicks or Denis Leary?
I once saw Denis Leary at a beach on Nantucket and he got weirded out cos I kept swimming closer to see if it was him. So, I guess, Bill Hicks.

Are American comedians bothered about winning awards?
I can't speak for them all but from what I've experienced, it seems like the UK focuses more on what reviewers are saying and what awards people have won and in the US it seems more about what shows you've written for or been on.

What will Trevor Noah need to do to maintain The Daily Show’s success and reputation?
Leak a sex tape.

Tina Fey or Sarah Silverman?
Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are the reason I moved to LA to do Improv at iO, Second City and UCB, so it's going to have to be the improv ladies!

How healthy is the state of live comedy in America? What should be done to improve it?
Aside from there being very few live shows that actually pay the performers, the comedy scene would be healthier with laughter yoga, kale smoothies served in the clubs and dog-friendly venues (Punchlines & Pooches?)

Do Americans generally welcome the likes of uppity Brits (John Oliver, Tracey Ullman and Ricky Gervais for three) coming over there and stealing all your jokes?
Generally speaking, Americans do seem to love the British accent, although now you mention it, James Corden does look a lot like a young Chris Farley …

Curb Your Enthusiasm or Seinfeld?
Girls, Broad City and Inside Amy Schumer all day every day! Who is Seinfeld?

Billy Connolly is widely regarded as the man who helped pave the way for modern British stand-up comedy: who would you pinpoint as doing the same in America?
L Ron Hubbard has this great set-up to a punchline about going clear but I hear it can take 15 years and cost you your life savings to get to the actual joke.

Katia Kvinge: 140 Karakters, The Caves, Niddry Street, 0131 226 0000, 6–29 Aug (not 12, 18), 7.45pm, free.

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Katia Kvinge: 140 Karakters

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Scottish BAFTA nominated character comedian Katia Kvinge (as seen on BBC, MTV and Channel 4) presents her fast-paced, one-woman, multi-character, comedy