Surprising day jobs of comedians, artists and authors headed to Edinburgh Festivals

This article is from 2015

Surprising day jobs of comedians, artists and authors headed to Edinburgh Festivals

Iain Hunter: butcher by day, jazz singer by night

Archaeologist, bus driver, civil rights lawyer and communicator with dolphins. Which act has the best day job?

It’s all fine and well for the multi-billionaires who can come up to the Festival and do their thing without having to give their boss a pretty good excuse why they’ve been off sick for an entire month. But this lot have what some people like calling ‘proper jobs’.

Midlothian jazz singer Iain Hunter has been a butcher for over 20 years and currently owns Hunters of Kinross.

Comedian Papa CJ is a motivational speaker for college students and blue chip companies.

Co-writer of Impossible, Robert Khan is the head of Law Reform at the Law Society of England and Wales and is a Labour councillor in Islington.

Liz Smith from sketch group Massive Dad is a receptionist at the head office of a famous London diamond jewellers (it’s home to London's only private helicopter landing pad).

Author Magnus Mills is a bus driver.

Comedian Lucy Frederick is a teaching assistant at special needs school, Brent Knoll.

Abi Tedder from sketch group Minor Delays is events manager for the London School of Economics.

Jazz singer Lorna Reid is an associate with CFM Consulting and Eglinton Management in the areas of coaching and training.

Kieran O’Rourke and David Holmes, actors and writers of The Communist Threat both work in the catering section of a steam train called the Cathedrals Express.

Author Steve Cavanagh is a civil rights lawyer.

Comedian Davey Connor is in social work as a carer.

Leader of the Diplomats of Jazz, Jim Petrie is a painter and decorator.

Comedian David Mills is marketing and PR manager for the jewellers Goldsmiths.

James McNicholas from sketch team BEASTS is a sports journalist for ESPN and The Mirror.

Comedian Abigoliah Schamaun is a yoga instructor.

Comedian Matt Winning is a research associate in the UCL Energy Institute and the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources providing economic analysis and macroeconomic modelling on the subjects of green growth, ecosystem services, natural capital and low-carbon shipping.

Writer and performer Natasha Noman is a news journalist in New York.

Comedian Ally Houston is doing a PhD in experimental laser physics.

Artist Ariel Guzik works at the Nature Expression and Resonance Research Laboratory in Mexico where his mission is to communicate with dolphins and whales.

Comedian Paul Duncan McGarrity is an archaeologist.

And finally, comedian Mat Ewins is employed on something to do with parts of planes or he works in marketing at a pie factory in Plymouth. It could be that neither of those things are true. What is a fact is that he’ll be in Edinburgh with a show entitled Day Job.