Fringe preview: Rap Guide to Climate Chaos

This article is from 2015

Fringe preview: Rap Guide to Climate Chaos

Canadian rapper Baba Brinkman turns his eye to the environment

Following the success of his first science-based show, the Fringe First-winning Rap Guide to Evolution, in 2009, Baba Brinkman started searching for the next topic for his new hybrid form of theatre. 'I was looking around for subjects where there is a strong consensus among scientists but confusion among non-scientists,' he says. In climate change, he found the perfect topic: less than 50% of people in the UK and USA believe global warming is caused by human activity, compared to a massive 97% of scientists. Brinkman's new one-man show, Rap Guide to Climate Chaos, aims to redress this staggering gulf of opinion through a unique mix of theatre and hip hop.

Brinkman cites the curious relationship between the severity of the environmental danger and the popular response to it as an interesting challenge for the show. 'A lot of people understand that climate change is an existential threat but don't feel moved by it, which is very interesting considering how moved we are by trivial things on a daily basis.'

With his latest Rap Guide, Brinkman is setting out to fill in this environmental blind spot. 'I hope to give people a sense of what's in jeopardy, a new appreciation for what we have going for us and a game plan for how not to screw it up, plus a healthy dose of laughs and surprises.'

The directness of Brinkman's distinctive style seems ideally suited for the job. Part-science lesson, part-stand-up show, part-hip-hop concert, Rap Guide to Climate Chaos takes an exciting and original look at a pressingly relevant issue.

Rap Guide to Climate Chaos, Gilded Balloon, 13 Bristo Square, 0131 622 6552, 8–31 Aug (not 18), 7pm, £10–£12 (£8–£10). Previews 5–7 Aug, £7.

Rap Guide to Climate Chaos

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