Fringe preview: Reclaiming Vietnam

This article is from 2015

Fringe preview: Reclaiming Vietnam

Kim Chinh's autobiographical journey unearths past secrets

Kim Chinh's autobiographical story is a reminder that identity is not simply a matter of birth or location: the American writer and actor discovered that there was a part of her that she had not always acknowledged.

'I started with a rant just after a trip to Vietnam with my father,' she says. 'It was my dad’s first time to see his country again after 40 years, but I came back to the US feeling cheated.' Not having learnt Vietnamese and feeling that 'my knowledge of the culture had been so limited,' she created Reclaiming Vietnam as a way of exploring her relationship with her heritage.

Despite being a personal solo show, Chinh promises plenty of action. 'It’s a play where once it starts, you lose track of reality because you’re so drawn into the world of the play. You’re on a motorbike in Vietnam, with balmy breezes and the ghost-filled nights. You’re on a roller coaster ride with the extreme ups and downs.'

Adding that the story may be her own, but hopefully resonates with other people's experiences, Chinh is excited about meeting Edinburgh audiences. 'The audience are there to hear a secret and take part in the healing process. They are judge and jury.'

Greenside @ Infirmary Street, 618 6967, 17–29 Aug (not 23), 12.35pm, £8 (£6).

Reclaiming Vietnam

A young woman arrives in the homeland of her father. Vietnam represents a part of her identity she has rejected for most of her life, wishing to be seen as an American (like her Caucasian mother) and not Vietnamese. A spontaneous moonlight ride on a motorbike ends in a crash and old memories surface. The play alternates…