Fall Girl (3 stars)

This article is from 2014

Fall Girl

Pleasant enough if not exactly earth-shattering musical theatre at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

How would you feel if you were being conned at every turn? It’s a question some Fringe audiences must ask themselves constantly. And it certainly seems to be the inexorable fate of Hayley in this spot of pleasant enough if not exactly earth-shattering musical theatre. And right there is the show’s confusion: it’s musical, it’s definitely a bit theatrical, but straight-down-the-line funny enough to be rightfully plopped into the comedy section of the Fringe programme? Someone is having a laugh, surely?

There’s almost nothing to fault any of the four performers, who each bring their own intricate skills (mainly either musical or theatrical) to bear on this show. For sad little Hayley (who works with little joy or satisfaction in the Customer Services Department of a dodgy roofing company), charity workers and reality TV producers are the bane of her life.

All they do is tease her with false promises of a brighter future when they are only ever in it for themselves. But will Hayley find it within herself to fight back one day? The answer is difficult to care much about. This talented quartet will hopefully find something more attuned to their obvious qualities next year.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, run ended.


Fall Girl

  • 3 stars

Sitcom Trials: So You Think You're Funny? 2013 winner Rosie Holt brings her debut show to the Edinburgh Fringe. Fall Girl is a musical comedy about getting scammed and getting gumption. Hayley is desperate. She keeps getting conned. Plus the voice in her head is a girl with a guitar who turns her failings into rhyming…