Joz Norris: Awkward Prophet (2 stars)

This article is from 2014

Joz Norris: Awkward Prophet

Claustrophobic comedy hour lacking everyman appeal at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

When it comes to Joz Norris’ material, it’s unapologetically bright, colourful and not a little garish. Sadly, this particular material is related more to the Hawaiian-style garb on his back than the stuff that comes out of his mouth during the claustrophobic hour from an Awkward Prophet. He’s certainly the former but it would be quite a stretch to suggest he’s doing anything of the latter.

Norris definitely has enthusiasm by the crate load and he uses it mainly to bend our ears about love with the wisdom of someone who learned all his best moves from Notting Hill. There’s an awkward (there’s that word again) semi-silence at some recollections on his attempts to make the sex thing happen which suggests this might not be quite the everyman show he possibly craves.

Last year he warmed some viewers with Joz Norris has Gone Missing, a one-man sketch show featuring a variety of oddball characters with names like Rosco and Mr Gumbo, but this time around he’s chucked everything in the pot to enact a closer version of himself. If you’re being cruel / kind you might offer the advice that he returns to his more anonymous state without further ado.

Underbelly, run ended.

Joz Norris: Awkward Prophet Trailer

Joz Norris: Awkward Prophet

  • 2 stars

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