Alison Jackson: A Story In The Public Domain (4 stars)

This article is from 2014

Alison Jackson: A Story In The Public Domain

Hogarth for the 21st century from acclaimed filmaker at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Filmmaker Alison Jackson's satire using lookalikes Double Take propelled her to fame. In her latest project, aptly subtitled La Trashiata, she turns her attention to opera, of sorts.

And what an opera. Jackson leaves no half measures in the bad taste stakes, but it's hilarious – she could be a Hogarth for the 21st century, documenting the collective fascination for celebrities publicly unravelling.

While a pole dancer twerks to La Traviata for 'Prince Harry', he strips to his tiger-patterned briefs. Elsewhere in the Royal household, it's business as usual with a spot of tree-hugging with 'Charles' and 'Camilla' when the latter isn't found drunkenly falling out of a cab.

Beautifully choreographed by Andy Turner from the Rambert company, with Jackson's films screened between live scenes, it isn't all throwaway – the 'Putin' sequences feel genuinely subversive, whether he's punching lesbians or posturing with a phallic missile and homoerotic pout.

'Charles Saatchi''s cake in the face from 'Nigella' gets the biggest cheer, but it's 'Gordon Ramsay''s meltdown to Mussorgsky that delights, as does the Rossini-scored 'Gaga' / 'Madonna' catfight that many would pay to see for real.

A naughty, naughty little gem.

Summerhall, run ended.

Alison Jackson: A Story in the Public Domain

  • 4 stars

Hibrow Hour An iconoclastic new opera devised and directed by multi award-winning artist, photographer and filmmaker Alison Jackson, internationally renowned for her satirical lookalike images (including BBC2 Bafta winning series Doubletake). Celebrities beware! The show may contain mild adult…