Scott Capurro - Islamohomophobia: Reloaded (3 stars)

This article is from 2014

Scott Capurro - Islamohomophobia: Reloaded

A comedy mish-mash of new bits with tried and tested material at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Entertainingly catty as ever, the San Francisco comic is proud to boast a new husband, but you wouldn’t know it given the amount of undermining of his betrothed that is uttered here. Scott Capurro’s chap is Brazilian and therefore an inspiration to various kinds of jokes, some of them downright hilarious, others tiptoeing the tightrope of taste.

Of course, this comic has long been acknowledged as someone who will merrily have a go at everything and everyone (of course, a vast swathe of his pot-shots are directed at himself) and he takes full umbrage at the religions of the world with Islam (‘any Muzzies in tonight?’) getting a proper roasting. The title of the show, Islamohomophobia: Reloaded, hints at this being a sequel of sorts, but it’s really a mish-mash of new bits with tried and tested segments from previous shows. So, he revisits the tale of a rather difficult night playing the scary people of Cardiff while no one is going to find fault with him dwelling further on his beloved mother’s death.

And there is one rich vein of particularly fresh material, gleaned from the illness which forced him to abandon his Fringe plans of 2013. With a bit of stock-taking and some spring-cleaning, we await a brand new venomous Scott Capurro show with anticipation.

Assembly Rooms, run ended.

Scott Capurro: Islamahomophobia

  • 3 stars

After his mother's death Capurro is questioning everything, so this show tackles weighty subjects, from gay marriage to the Koran, in a manner that's probably best kept to those less easily offended.