Be-Dom (4 stars)

This article is from 2014


Percussion explosion that puts a smile on your face at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

It takes you a few minutes to realise, but when you do, your admiration for this Portuguese six-piece rockets even further. The realisation? That not s single percussion instrument on the stage (and there are a lot of them) could be bought in a music shop.

Old oil cans, plastic petrol containers, glass bowls filled with just the right amount of water – these guys have tried and tested all manner of throw-away objects until they found just the right sound.

They’re also more than capable of creating beats, bangs and snares with their own bodies, using finger clicks and hand-claps to build up rhythms or, more unusually, have a game of percussion tennis. The handclaps give us a chance to join in the fun too, with large chunks of time devoted to getting the audience to channel our inner beat.

One section of audience participation in particular – where two drummers stand behind two volunteers and ‘become’ their arms – is hilarious. The group’s warm, accessible and fun manner, also allows them to talk to every generation, without actually ever saying a word.

The moments when all six come together, for an explosion of loud, dynamic and infectiously feel-good drumming, are the highlight here – and a little more of this wouldn’t go amiss in place of some of the less engaging aspects (some intentionally bad singing).

But when they walk out on stage for the final routine, dressed in quite possibly the most inventive costumes on the Fringe, you’d forgive them anything.

Underbelly, run ended.


  • 4 stars

Cheeky, clever, fun, charismatic, interactive… Be-Dom provides an infectious experience of epic proportions. Using nothing more than everything you can think of, the group will drag you into their crazy vaudevillian world. Back to Fringe after four years touring around the globe, Be-Dom now dares you to witness the…