Al Donegan: The Five Worst Things I Ever Did (3 stars)

This article is from 2014

Al Donegan: The Five Worst Things I Ever Did

Technical comedic skills and stories to burn at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

You have to admire the brave act who makes that their show title. It’s practically an open-goal invite to any cynical hack looking for an easy ‘in’ to give that show a kicking. Thankfully (or annoyingly), Al Donegan has technical skills (he’s a classically-trained actor, you know) and stories to burn that most comics would die for including a crippling gambling addiction, a propensity for lies and a threesome which goes horribly, hilariously wrong.

It does take a little while to warm to Donegan, but you do finally find yourself drawn to a semblance of sympathy as he’s perfectly willing to admit that he is the real baddie of his own story. None of the tales reflect well on him in any way, and by the end we’re not sure whether to jeer or cheer. Worse still, for anyone who has avoided The Million Pound Drop like the plague, it’s less forgivable that he makes us watch even a few minutes of the show; but, of course, given that he is on there making a right tool of himself in front of Davina makes it wholly justified.

The worst thing that anyone would ever do now when having a relationship with Donegan would be to leave a voicemail message for him that could be put to use in a comedy show later down the line. He really does store those messages for an almost unbelievably long time...

The Caves, run ended.

Al Donegan: The Five Worst Things I Ever Did

  • 3 stars

Love Me Tinder Productions Imagine if people knew your deepest, darkest secrets. Wouldn't it be awful? Humiliating? Degrading? It would be if you'd done some of the things Al Donegan has. Using a heady mix of storytelling, theatre and mime, Al will dig deep into his past. Maybe by revealing the truth, he can leave it…