The Grandees: BaBoom! (2 stars)

This article is from 2014

The Grandees: BaBoom!

Childlike comedy in need of a revamp at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

A man who can make emit an earth-shattering sound. The parliament of owls. Projectors in hidden realms. Welcome to the wacky, wacky world of the Grandees. Perhaps BaBOOM! and its over-arching daftness is something you just have to get onboard with straight away or you risk being left behind feeling irritated and confused. There’s no denying the physical vibrancy and full commitment to the cause displayed by all three performers, but an hour in their company is like being invited to the worst kind of in-joke.

Admittedly, on the day of this performance the show was stunted by some majorly serious tech trouble caused by someone on the knobs who appeared to have been introduced to the concept of a sound desk five minutes earlier. But given that the trio ran with the inevitable audience sympathy and began to incorporate the sluggishness (or occasional invisibility) of their cues into the show, it’s easy enough to simply look past those hitches to see what lay beyond.

They’ve been on the Fringe long enough, but could it be time for the Grandees to consider moving into kids’ entertainment? They certainly have the silly abandon, constant gurning and daft voices to achieve success down that route. And given that one of the Grandees’ aims is to ‘transport the audience back to feeling like children again’, perhaps they could cut the infrequent rude elements and play to actual children. ‘Their ‘adult’ narrative work is simply too banal to be taken overly seriously.

Underbelly Cowgate, run ended.

The Grandees: BaBoom!

  • 2 stars

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