Miss Fletcher Sings the Blues (3 stars)

This article is from 2014

Miss Fletcher Sings the Blues

Hayley Sproull's monstrous music-teacher creation hits the right note at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Dubbed as the new Tim Minchin or Flight of the Conchords, it’s little surprise to learn that Hayley Sproull is of antipodean extraction and can bash out a mean tune on her keyboard. But her Miss Fletcher music teacher creation is a more fully-formed character than anything those guys have attempted and her charm, passive-aggression and inappropriate wit all rush to the fore as her stint as a substitute geography tutor starts to go horribly awry.

As a somewhat uptight teacher of an all-boys class (that’s us, her malleable audience), Fletcher has a ball trying to keep a bunch of pubescent lads in line and when things get her a bit down, she will use music as the medium to offload her frustrations. Songs about puberty, Africa and moustaches all hit the right satirical notes and, from almost the off, it’s obvious that things will go terribly wrong for Fletcher at some point.

When her meltdown finally arrives, the writing doesn’t quite match what’s come before and her previously imperious improvising fails to drive the show to a wholly satisfying conclusion. Her denouement suffers slightly for it, but Hayley Sproull’s monstrous character has strong potential for a successful re-sit in 2015.

The Caves, run ended.

Miss Fletcher Sings the Blues

  • 3 stars

Cuba Creative | The Bakery A musical comedy with educational benefits. A well-meaning, but slightly unhinged music teacher treats an unwitting geography class to a surprise music lesson. Featuring songs such as 'Moustache Paradise' and 'Puberty Express' that bring to mind the likes of Tim Minchin and Flight of the…