Demi Lardner: Birds with Human Lips (3 stars)

This article is from 2014

Demi Lardner: Birds with Human Lips

Quirky yet personal comedy set at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

This is an intriguing debut from the 20-year-old who jointly won So You Think You're Funny? last year and outright won the RAW competition at the Melbourne Comedy Festival in her native Australia. Looking, as she notes, like a young boy with her make-upless face, cropped hair and cap, Lardner delivers around 40 minutes of quirky yet personal comedy.

She is stuck in her house feeling unable to leave with only a tapir – that speaks with the kind of electronic voice we all associate with Professor Stephen Hawking these days – for company. Risking a Vitamin D deficiency and the tapir's sight by staying indoors, Lardner attempts to conquer her fear of being pecked by birds that she wishes had soft human lips rather than pointy beaks. Lardner's show is part stand-up, part confessional and part short play. Along the way she receives tangential phone calls from her dad, shows us some of her drawings and breaks into a rap or two; in between, she lets slip the news of her parents’ unhappy break-up.

There's some great offbeat thinking going on here, and even when she's delivering straight stand-up it reveals a kooky soul, one who at 14 faked some ID to buy a lizard. Elsewhere she ponders the great mysteries of life with an unusual take on how shouting 'suck my dick' at someone is considered an insult, suggesting that the member’s owner has something nasty: 'is it a scorpion speaking Spanish? Then that could be nasty.' Demi Lardner is certainly one to watch.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, run ended.

Demi Lardner: Birds with Human Lips

  • 3 stars

Demi Lardner Demi is going to say some things to you. 'One of Australia's best emerging comedians' ★★★★ (SBS). 'Different, funny and memorable' ( Winner of So You Think You're Funny? Edinburgh Fringe 2013. Winner of RAW Comedy 2013. Winner of Best Emerging Comedy at the Adelaide Fringe 2013. Age category: 14+