Brydie Lee-Kennedy Repeats On You (2 stars)

This article is from 2014

Brydie Lee-kennedy

Uninspired comedy in need of editing at Edinburgh Festival Free Fringe

Even though this is a free show, it’s still bad form to leave after less than five minutes as a trio did here, one of whom rather rudely waves at our comic. But the sympathy vote towards Brydie Lee-Kennedy soon dissipates as her tale of life, love and LA veers off, jumps about and hops around back and forth across time and place. Some judicious editing might have been the thing to make this a leaner and more urgent show.

Worse still, admitting that she is uncomfortable talking about porn when there are some senior audience members in the front row is horribly patronising and quite divisive. The moment shakes both her own confidence and our faith in her as a solid performer, and the show never really recovers from that blip. And someone really needs to announce a moratorium on Tinder stories for 2015.

Vocals-wise, she sometimes comes across as an extra on Gossip Girl (if the location of that show switched from Manhattan to Sydney) and she has a slightly unnecessary habit of pausing too long just prior to delivering her punchlines.

There are some intriguing ideas floating around the edges of this tale (such as the Fibonacci numbers moment she opens with) but it all comes to little. Sad to admit, but you begin to wonder if that threesome might have had the right idea after all.

Cowgatehead, run ended.

Brydie Lee-Kennedy Repeats On You

  • 2 stars

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