Lou Sanders in Another Great Show Again (2 stars)

This article is from 2014

Lou Sanders

Freewheeling surrealist comedy at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Lou Sanders is amazed and relieved her room is so full, given that her show has been advertised as a morning affair. It certainly makes the mind boggle as to what her brand of stand-up nonsense would look, sound and feel like at 10.30am. Shakespeare for Breakfast it most certainly isn’t. What it actually is, though, remains something of a mystery.

Freewheeling surrealism is one of the hardest sub-genres to get right, otherwise you end up looking more exposed than inspired. And that’s how the cruelly ironic Another Great Show Again comes across. Which really doesn’t mean that I’m immune to Sanders’ charms having thoroughly enjoyed her 2012 show, And Now for a Nice Evening with Wallan, where the clash of oddities simply seemed to have a better balance. Here, they largely fall flat and she has nowhere to turn to save the day.

Not that there aren’t some nice ideas in here: there’s the calendar she needs to flog to break even and a fairly wild conclusion which has some of the bored punters at the back jostling for space to get a glimpse. But her spoofing of erotic fiction is rather limp and it’s unfortunate that she returns to it on various occasions. Sanders might claim to be in total control of proceedings while acting like a ditzy teen, but her constant playing with personas is more confusing than compelling.

City Cafe, run ended.

Lou Sanders in Another Great Show Again

  • 2 stars

Berk's Nest / Free Festival A genderless riot from a little old force to be reckoned with. Sanders goes hard-pedal without too much fuss. Forty five plus jokes, six props, one hero and I dare say a bit of heartbreak (you) and a smattering of ground-break (her). Sanders generally, absolutely, ultimately nails it. Sleaze…