Lords of Strut: Chaos (1 star)

This article is from 2014

Lords of Strut: Chaos

Repetitive Irish duo have little to say at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Picture the Chuckle Brothers working from a script by Cannon & Ball and choreographed by New Art Club, possibly under the threat of blackmail. But only if New Art Club had forgotten everything they’d ever learned about dance and comedy. Then you’re somewhere close to the nightmare which ensues during an hour in the company of Lords of Strut.

Despite being on stage for around 60 minutes, this Irish pair actually seem to say very little. Not because this is somehow an intriguing example of minimalist comedy, but simply that they repeat phrases over and over again as though they have some mystical meaning: ‘we’re going to give you everything!’ pouts one. ‘We want you to fulfil your potential’ warns the other. Giving us everything apparently includes a visual gag about throwing in the kitchen sink, presented (and laboured over for an excruciatingly long minute) as though it was the first time anyone had ever thought of it.

After an entirely hopeless spot of audience participation where a punter is forced to play a chat show host interviewing these geniuses, this calamity mercifully finishes with one of them semi-naked on stage in a Christ-like pose while audience members beat him with foam sticks. This presumably is an example of ‘giving us everything’ and ‘fulfilling our potential’.

Assembly Roxy, run ended.