The Addams Family: The Musical (3 stars)

This article is from 2014

The Addams Family: The Musical

Song and dance with a touch of gallows humour at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The company have gone as big as they dare for this musical take on the ghoulish television show with an orchestra, chorus line and a two hour running time. The set changes and choreography are slick, which is no mean feat on a reduced stage space, and while the run time could have been trimmed, for most of the production it skips along at a good pace.

The theme of being yourself runs throughout the musical with Wednesday Addams pulled in a new direction with a new (normal) boyfriend. This sets the stage for revelations that crack the veneer of her potential in-laws normal life and brings out some of the best set pieces.

The cast are musically on point: the orchestration and the singing are effective and at times impassioned. The acting occasionally doesn't quite live up to the musical promise and with the exception of Gomez and Uncle Fester the young cast fail to deliver the comedic punches with suitable force. However Wednesday raises hairs with her belting voice and her new mother-in-law rips the roof off as she turns from housewife to Valkyrie during the the Addams’ favourite game: Full Disclosure.

Assembly Hall, 220 4348, until 24 Aug, 11am, £10–£12.

The Addams Family

  • 3 stars

Musical comedy based on the characters from the TV series.