Luke McGregor: I Worry That I Worry Too Much (4 stars)

This article is from 2014

Luke McGregor: I Worry That I Worry Too Much

Unmissable cringe comedy at its very best

You might have caught McGregor dipping a nervous toe into Sam Simmons’ Death of a Sails-Man, and in his own hour of awkwardness, he expands upon his incompetent lackey turn to deliver a show about what makes him worry. As his voice cracks and trembles from his first sentence, you won’t be surprised to learn that there is an abundance of fear-inducing obstacles to navigate in McGregor’s life. He admits that he was ‘pretty blasé as a baby’, but now suffers from severe (if not hilarious) OCD, a now-defunct fear of ghosts and a fairly unsurprising tension surrounding sex.

This is cringe comedy at its very best: McGregor’s candidness is painful, and his voice – which emits an adolescent screech at the end of most sentences – is not easy to embrace, but the winning way in which he interacts with the audience certainly is. He easily gets us on side as tales of ghost-spotting are swapped, but when it comes down to a game of ‘Would You Rather’, the vibe is less comedy show, more house party. Which is ironic, given his unease at actual house parties.
He talks at 100mph, mumbles and sweats through the hour, but keeps his cringe relatable and incredibly funny. Luke McGregor has a lot of things to worry about, but creating an unmissable Fringe show is not one of them.

Assembly George Square, 623 3030, until 25 Aug, 6pm, £10-£11 (£9-£10).

Luke McGregor: I Worry That I Worry Too Much

  • 4 stars

Anxious humour from the Tasmanian-born, Australian comedian.