Mat Ewins: The Six Million Dollar Ewins (3 stars)

This article is from 2014

Mat Ewins: The Six Million Dollar Ewins

Comedian is bursting with ideas that sometimes get lost in action-packed show

Mat Ewins’ show begins with a recording of his own funeral, more specifically the funeral of ‘Mat Ewins Super Spy’. Having been shot whilst on a mission, he is rebuilt as a bionic man by MI6 in order to defuse a bomb that has been hidden in the venue. It’s more plot-driven than you’d expect for a stand-up show but Ewins’ fast-paced delivery and frequent recapping keeps the audience on track.

The projected videos used for the ‘bionic flashbacks’ of his last mission are hilarious in their low-budget effects; Brighton serves as both Miami and Paris, the bionic man is just some batteries pushed into raw mince and there’s a brilliant sequence of a rogue London tube train racing down the Thames. His sound guy (and alleged flat mate Chris) provides a regular update with the countdown to detonation as well as a frequent insistence that Ewins’ story doesn’t make sense. The pair make a great double act and Ewins’ incredulous abuse at his friend’s ineffectiveness is delightfully scathing.

Whilst you have to admire his creativity, some of the longer passages are slightly laboured as hurtling the plot forward takes precedence over comedy. Ewins is bursting with ideas and has his audience providing comic sound effects and taking part in a stealth challenge but the sheer volume of content means some of the better jokes, including a brilliant alternative phonetic alphabet don’t get the time they deserve. Though, to be fair, there was the pressing matter of a bomb.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 25 Aug, 10.45pm, £7.50-£10 (£6.50-£9).

Mat Ewins: The Six Million Dollar Ewins

  • 3 stars

Surreal humour and character comedy from the 2009 Chortle Student Comedy Awards finalist.