Sam Brady: Kindness (3 stars)

This article is from 2014

Sam Brady: Kindness

Departure from typical cynicism in hour of endearing comedy at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

It’s not always easy to stand out as a stand-up in an overflowing Fringe, and in this respect, Sam Brady was dealt an unfortunate hand. The well-seasoned comedian plays just a few exposed bricks away from another act, whose habitually loud audience Brady warns us can often be heard during his set. He needn’t have worried about the interruption however, because once his unravelling of the complications of kindness kicks in, the raucous racket from next door is nothing but background noise accompanying a series of amusing anecdotes.

His storytelling style holds the audience well, and he manages to move seamlessly from describing life as a browbeaten city slicker to his time as a Buddhist monk, all the while tying these tales in with the overriding theme of kindness. Relentlessly optimistic, even when relaying genuinely sad stories, there is an endearing quality to him which makes you believe that this act is fully rooted in honesty. Brady is a departure from the cynicism that comedy typically evokes, and for that alone it is worth an hour of your time.

If we were being cruel, Brady could afford to pepper his anecdotes with a few more jokes. At times, it felt more like story-hour than lunchtime stand-up, and balancing out the tales of days gone by with stronger punchlines would help matters. By the end of his set, however, there was laughter emanating from both sides of the brick wall.

Cabaret Voltaire, 226 0000, until 23 Aug (not 19), 1.20pm, free.

Sam Brady: Kindness

  • 3 stars

Sam Brady / PBH's Free Fringe Award-winning comedian and failed Buddhist monk Sam Brady explores his ongoing struggle to be a good person and asks why kindness is so undervalued. Join Sam for an hour of heart-warming, thought-provoking, soul-searching comedy. ‘Naturally funny and charismatic … hilarious anecdotes that…