The Twins Macabre: Small Mediums at Large (4 stars)

This article is from 2014

The Twins Macabre

A series of grisly black comedy vignettes at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Ivy and Morris are The Twins Macabre, two psychic siblings that come across like creepy Victorian children trapped in the modern world. Equally influenced by Hammer Horror and the Addams Family, they brilliantly inhabit their characters: Ivy is the ringleader while Morris is the obedient fool. Presenting a series of grisly vignettes, the stories of their own childhood are particularly inspired, hitting the magic sweet spot where they make you laugh even as your skin crawls.

The Twins Macabre: Small Mediums at Large

  • 4 stars

PBJ Management Last seen on BBC3's Live at the Electric and after a run of sell-out seances across London, child psychics Maurice and Ivy Macabre are wanted by police following a string of horrific murders. Dare to witness the infamous siblings as they conjure the souls of the damned through twisted sketches and songs. A…