Show Pony (4 stars)

This article is from 2014

Show Pony

Oddly delightful theatre piece from LetLuce at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

This is one pair of crazy ladies. Each playing one half of pink pony Eamonn, LetLuce tell the tale of how, finding himself unemployed, he ends up being punched by a nun in a field and sold into a circus that is somewhat surprisingly run by Ian McShane. Show Pony is a shambling oddity and completely nonsensical yet an utter delight to watch.

The narrative runs through a series of apparently random scenes and characters, including a mouse with the voice of an African-American, while the back of the horse has a thick Brummie accent for no apparent reason. The influence of the Mighty Boosh is clear. There are plenty of nice lo-fi techniques employed here too; when Eamonn runs away to London, by swimming across the ocean, someone in the audience is adorned with a head torch to become the moon and then is promptly serenaded, a cappella, by the pair.

The only problem is it would be far better if they had some semblance of a stage as some of the nonsense is lost for those sitting towards the back of the room. Also they would benefit from being mic-ed up as the whole show is too quiet, sapping the energy somewhat. That said, there are too many moments of total brilliance for it not to be a real enjoyment.

The Mash House, 226 0000, until 24 Aug, 3.40pm, free.

Show Pony

  • 4 stars

LetLuce Eamon is a disillusioned pink horse searching for his destiny. Join LetLuce for more anarchic joy in their new show-cum-quest. Think Mighty Boosh meets French and Saunders. 'You're in for a bonkers hour … together they are dynamite' ★★★★ ( 'Bizarre and mental executed with comic flair … not…