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This article is from 2014


Photo: Richard Daniels

Live illustration and song make for accomplished Korean tale at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Charming in its simplicity, Korean company Haddangse has found a universal language in which to tell its very home-grown story of young boy Daesung who wants a baby brother. The story is strongly embedded with Korean cultural references, as the boy goes off with his best friend, a pig, to collect the magic dust from a Buddha's sneeze. But the telling of it is so enchanting, with just enough said in English, that all will comprehend what is going on.

Everything in the set is drawn on the spot. Two meter high sheets of blank paper are quickly painted to create Daesung's home. Then torn away, leaving blank paper to depict the journey from that house to his Granny's, where the adventure can begin.

It's the actual act of illustration which the six-strong company make into an art form in itself. The quick understanding of what is being drawn – and the utter cleverness of designs that can change from landscape to tree with a few extra lines.

These are not calligraphers, however, but actors whose create a large cast of characters who return and develop as the story is told. And the live singing and accordion add another level of delight to a clever, accomplished tale.

C, 0845 260 1234, until 24 Aug, 12pm, £8.50– £10.50 (£5.50--£8.50).


  • 4 stars

Haddangse (Korea) Paintings are created on stage and brought to life before your eyes. A bewitching story filled with weird and wonderful characters. Mysterious oriental curves and colourful westernised drawings are dancing on the wallpaper! Movement, puppetry, and heartfelt accordion melodies entwine in this delightfully…