Twins (4 stars)

This article is from 2014


Laidback, freewheeling comedy from Annie McGrath and Jack Barry at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Annie McGrath and Jack Barry patently aren't twins. This misguided assumption that people can't tell them apart is a running joke throughout their show. It's simple and silly but they just about manage to keep the notion weird and quirky rather than hammering it to death. Then they launch into a series of shambolic sketches, dream sequences and half-formed characters; from a hitman crashing a birthday party via a book group to a surreal advert for a certain fruit-based cordial. It might sound like a mess but it's all endearingly lo-fi, including costumes which are just scraps of cloth and the odd wig.

All the while, they comment and critique their own performance as it rambles along, making a virtue of its scruffy DIY nature. McGrath is snarky and bad-tempered while Barry is so chilled he's almost horizontal. Their freewheeling stand-up is the strongest, funniest part of their show giving you a peek into a peculiar world as we meet their manager and South African best mate. It almost feels like a sitcom which is no small accomplishment in just an hour.

Perhaps some parts need tidying up but that would be missing the point and might ruin the off-the-cuff, laidback and inclusive appeal that is the real strength of Twins.

Blind Poet, 667 7533, until 24 Aug (not 18), 4pm, free.


  • 4 stars

The Invisible Dot Ltd Jack Barry and Annie McGrath are completely identical twins. Come and see them grapple with their debut hour, an attempted sketch comedy show. 'A future in comedy' ( ‘Truly great stuff’ (ThreeWeeks). ‘Jack Barry and Annie McGrath have undeniable comic chemistry, bouncing off each other…