Rubberbandits: Continental Fistfight (4 stars)

This article is from 2014


Photo: Steve Ullathorne

Irish hip-hop trio nail winning formula of outrageous songs at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

If you’ve never come across the Rubberbandits before, then do not be put off by their awkwardly succinct website bio: ‘We are hardcore gangster rappers from Limerick city in Ireland’. Yes, they do come from ‘Stab City’, talk with an Irish accent so thick it verges on being incomprehensible and wear plastic bags as balaclavas, which on paper makes them the closest thing the Emerald Isle has to Brooklyn thugs who spit rhymes.

However, think less 50 Cent and his hoes, more Tupac in his 1995 police custody video talking about rap as poetry, only in a definitively bawdy Irish way. Despite the appearance of benign crudeness as they writhe around the stage, their satirical verses attack some pretty deep issues in deceptively simple lyrics: ‘Spastic Hawk’ triumphs the bullied underdog, ‘Fellas’ celebrates gay sex, whilst a song about abortion damns Catholic fear-mongering by ‘elderly virgins’ surrounding the afterlife.

The hilarious videos accompanying each song successfully up the comedy ante, and by the finale of YouTube sensation ‘Horse Outside’, the crowd has well and truly been won over. The trio have nailed a winning formula of outrageously funny songs that manage to stay just the right side of offensive.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 662 6552, until 25 Aug (not 18), 8.15pm, £12–£14 (£10–£12).

Rubberbandits: Continental Fistfight

  • 4 stars

Rubberbandits Direct from Limerick! The plastic bag wearing music/comedy duo bring their brand new musical straight from its critically acclaimed, sold out London season. Continental Fistfight is packed with dazzling new songs, great big hits and at least one puppet. 'Leaves you growling for more' ★★★★ (Metro). 'A…