Iain Stirling: Everything (2 stars)

This article is from 2014

Iain Stirling: Everything

Tighter writing needed to elevate likeable comedian

Former CBBC presenter and Chortle Student Comedian of the Year, Iain Stirling is so keen to take the stage that he springs about in the wings impatiently waiting for his crowd to take their seats. He’s a relative youngster at 26 and is disarmingly eager but, with so much experience under his belt, it’s disappointing that this is such an underwhelming show.

He kicks things off with details of a recent and significant break-up with some well-rounded observations about his newly single life. Segueing into a more significant separation, he then explores the independence referendum. In a festival where comedians have been surprisingly reticent on the subject, Stirling is refreshingly honest, if a little muddled in his explanations. And disorganised writing often obscures his ideas as Stirling frequently expects the audience to follow his thoughts when he hasn’t put in the groundwork. A section on his family members falls flat as he fails to bring their various idiosyncrasies to life, and many anecdotes drift around in search of a punchline.

As a performer, Stirling is a polished package, although his habit of finishing off sentences with, ‘do you know what I mean?’ becomes a frequent and tiring coda. Showing glimpses of promise, Iain Stirling is a likeable comedian in need of much tighter writing.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 24 Aug, 7.15pm, £8.50--£10 (£7--£9).

Iain Stirling: Everything

Upbeat wit and gags from Edinburgh-born stand-up and BAFTA-nominated children's TV presenter.