Augustin Rebetez: Heart (Meteorite) (3 stars)

This article is from 2014

Augustin Rebetez: Heart (Meteorite)

An enigmatic mixed-media installation from Swiss artist Augustin Rebetez

If this is hell, it’s a very playful corner of it. Somewhere deep in the bowels of Summerhall, Swiss artist Augustin Rebetez has taken over a room and transformed it with a multi-media exhibition which unnerves as much as it entrances. A wooden frame arcs in the centre of the space, ticking through the work of some unseen clockwork device, and around it sprawl various pieces of ephemera which must have been delicately crafted in their seemingly bodged-together manner.

A stack of fixed-together wooden seats balances in the air, while a small and impractical wooden bench bears the motto ‘Chair’, even though it could never be used as such. Stop-motion animations flicker in the background, while strange wall photographs depict a heart seemingly made of leather and eerie characters daubed with paint and wearing masks. A whole wall bears a graffitied motto beginning with the words ‘we are ghosts trying to become visible…’. The invention and immersive qualities of the show lodge it deep within the memory for a time, and its strange juxtapositions play effectively upon the senses while immersed in it, but meaning, implied or in the viewer’s eye, proves elusive.

Summerhall, 560 1580, until 26 Sep, free.

Augustin Rebetez: Heart (Meteorite)

  • 3 stars

The artist's first exhibition in the UK is a discordant, disturbing universe that swings from tragedy to comedy.